Episode 3 (We are in this together!)

September 27, 2018

 Episode 3 - New partnership with https://fremonttribune.com/ . Go over week 1 results of the Overwatch pre-season and Q&A with Allden "Monika" Smith. Join community at www.trolls.gg . Music courtesy of https://www.bensound.com


Episode 2 - Cheers, love! The cavalry’s here

September 20, 2018

Episode 2 - New partnership with https://fremonttribune.com/ . Discuss the Midland University eSports participation in the Collegiate Overwatch League and Q&A with Jordan "Mad" Williams. Join community at www.trolls.gg . 


Episode 1 (The Introduction)

September 6, 2018

This week's episode is the inaugural episode and it is an introduction to the Podcast and what to expect in the future!


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